Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kitchen Inspiration

Been hoarding away pictures of beautiful interiors for a while now and I decided to organise them into folders today. These are some ideas for our kitchen design. The kitchen is fully functional as is, but a little dated (see pictures below). My man and I both have the same 'minimal industrial' preference towards interiors, however I am a little more vintage inspired than he is.  I am planning all white walls the whole house including the kitchen to create a bright-light living space. We are going to construct a recycled timber table and I am hoping for a few vintage chair finds that I can either paint highlight colours, or keep as neutral shades depending on our final furnishing and decorating pallet. 

We will eventually knock out part of the dividing wall to the kitchen to create a breakfast bench, over which I plan to hang industrial style pendant lights.

The flooring will be timer (which is a controversial choice for a kitchen) which extends out to the living, dining and hallway area.  

Sorry I don't have any photo credits for the above images. If you know where they are from please send me a link. 

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