Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Comfort is Key

A lounge-room should be comfortable, open, airy and welcoming. Our lounge is the entry point of our home, and being the highest elevated point of the property, overlooks the neighbourhood and several of the Sunshine Coast iconic mountains. I plan to paint all the walls a stark white and bring homeliness in with some cosy furnishings.

Our couch, while only a year or two old, had definitely not aged well. The fabric has pilled and discoloured to the point where it just looks dirty all the time. I am going to attempt a DIY couch cover venture in hope that it will come up looking like the ones in the picture above.

Again I am sorry these photos are all off my computer archive so I can't put a source list. Let me know if you know who they belong to!

The area we will be working with is below. Please excise the dog photo bomb, he certainly isn't camera shy.

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