Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Good Nights Sleep


Bedrooms have been one of those areas that I have found difficult to find inspiration for. Sure, there are thousands of pictures of beautiful fluffy pillow covered beds, or romantically crowded bohemian spaces online, but a bedroom must provide the users with a good nights sleep. My man suffers from mild sleep apnea and one of the key factors for dealing with it is having a restful bedroom. Our bedroom at our rental was crowded full of clothing as we had much less space and no wardrobes. We both agree since moving that it was causing us to have a restless nights sleep. Our new bedroom should be minimalist, functional and most of all comfortable. 

The picture at the top is my bed-spread. I absolutely love it and the story that goes with it. As a poor uni student I saw it in Myer on my way home from class (I caught the bus to and from uni at the shopping centre). At over $200 there was no way I could ever have afforded it. Several months later I was thrift shopping and found a really familiar pillow case. It was from my dream linen set! I hunted around the linen section of the thrift store and found the entire set, which looked like it had never been used. I went and purchased a new woollen filled doona to fit it and for under $100 ($5.00 for the cover and pillow slips, and $95 for the doona) I had my dream bed. Two years on and I am still not bored with it. 

Our bedroom will consist of a bed, two side tables, and a small dresser for my mans socks and jocks (this has been a dream of his for a while since our crowded rental didn't have space for it). I think a welded metal framed bed would suit the colours of my doona cover. Again, the walls will be white, but I wouldn't be opposed to a bedroom feature wall. 

This purple disaster below is what we have to work with.

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