Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bathroom Adventures

Bathrooms have never really been a place of joy for me. My parents place ( a ridiculously old cottage) had an itty bitty bathroom with space for a shower and a sink and nothing else. It also had carpet, in a bathroom, YUCK.

The first share house I moved into was co-habited by a beauty therapist who hogged the bathroom and coated it a nice shade of orange thanks to her tan-in-a-can. Tim, my fellow housemate, and I had to get up pre dawn to even get a look in at the bathroom. Most days I ended up walking across the road to finish my morning get-ready routine at my Uni Campus rather than wait for the bathroom.

I had a few nice bathrooms in my post uni travels, none of which were ever really 'mine', no more than a place to dump my suitcase for a short time. One that I had in India was washed down on a daily basis by the house-staff. So if you left anything in it, it would get a impromptu wash. I ended up with many soggy rolls of toilet paper this way.

My 'pre-Queensland' share house had towels that were so mouldy I swear they would move by themselves. We also had a toothbrush holder (half filled with mouldy water) with over 15 toothbrushes in it, and only three people living in the house. I kept my towels, toothbrush and toiletries in my room.

The rentals we lived in before we bought were no better. One bathroom was so small you had to undress outside of it. The other was a living breathing organism. When we moved one of the walls in the bathroom had come away from the other as the stumps of the house had sunk. This left a large gap in the corner of the bathroom through which you could see the outside world. The owner proper up the house and re-stumped that section so the gap eventually disappeared. However the bathroom fun never ended. In the four years we lived there I found the following living things in our bath/shower; a brush turkey, rat, worms (on several different occasions and often crawling out of the plug hole while I was bathing), maggots, moths, mould, and beetles.

So it seems that this house had the facets and most functional bathroom I have ever owned.

I can't wait to renovate it and make it perfect. But in the mean time I look forward to enjoying it just how it is, MINE!

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