Monday, February 10, 2014

Extra Space

Living in paradise sees us with quite a lot of house guests! All our friends and family live south so a sub tropical visiting break is often in order. Our new home has three bedrooms. One I have claimed as my study and wardrobe so I can spend my spare time (I only work casual) at home writing and updating my blogs. Our other room has been designated as a second bedroom and gaming room for my mans video consoles. 

In order for the room to serve its dual functions we are planing on a hideaway bed. A wise friend of mine recently told me that you should make your spare room comfy enough for a short visit, but no so conformable that people never leave. I think a hideaway bed will sever this purpose nicely! 

The fifth picture will be my main design inspiration. I really like how the bed folds over the couch. This will give somewhere for my man to play his video games (not that he has time for that nowadays with his important job), and will hide the bed neatly away in the closet for when guests arrive. The extra shelving space can be used as a spare office, gym or whatever my man decides he wants to do with 'his' room. 

The space we have to work with is currently a dumping ground for furniture and boxes (we aren't fully unpacked and don't plan to be until the walls are painted). The room already has a build in robe which will hold guests clothing and our large collection of wetsuits, and shelves for bedding. 

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