Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What lurks under a carpet near you

We were granted access to the property before the settlement date in order to start cleaning. I did a few days worth of wall scrubbing (only to find out that it was pointless later when we did the floor sanding). So the very first thing I did was rip up the REVOLTING carpet in my office.

Mr Science and I guess that the previous tenants used this room to lock their dogs up when they weren't home. There was doggy evidence everywhere and the carpet smelt like a wet St. Bernard. Sebastian the site manager watched on as I pulled up the carpet and underlay and swept the floor.

I have never been a fan of carpet and was not the slightest bit surprised at the fact I got one shopping bag worth of dirt off the floor in a quick sweep.


Looking forward to sharing some of the floor sanding experiences with you in the near future.

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