Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Smallest Room

A separate toilet is a blessing in a three bedroom one bathroom house. For my man and I one bathroom is no problem. However, for resale this can be a huge disadvantage. Most families look for houses with two or more bathrooms to save all the arguments when getting ready in the morning. So having a separate toilet can assist in the traffic direction for larger families.

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for toilet decoration inspiration and have come up with nothing. So rather than looking for room inspiration I have started imaginary shopping instead. I have decided we will need to invest in this fantastic water saving toilet with a sink over the cistern. This will make our toilet a 'power room' as it will all be self contained.

Kyle and Karas amazing bathroom on the block this week gone has inspired me to rip up the tiles and work with the wooden floor for warmth and tile the wall (probably with a slate grey tile) behind the toilet as a feature. With the right lighting (which I haven't worked out yet) the room will be a fantastic self contained powder room and a feature (which sadly it has to be as it is at the end of the hall and people will see it).

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