Friday, February 14, 2014

Office Unpacked

My office was the very first (and to-date the only) room I fully unpacked. If I didn't have my office in order I wouldn't have been able to spend my spare time writing lovely blog posts for my readers. I spent a year working for Kikki-K, which means I am VERY obsessed with stationary and love having things filed in their right place.

For the first time ever I have enough space to create a comfortable and inspiring work area, which I have struggled to leave since unpacking. Its fantastic to wake up on my 'non-work' days and work my butt off in a room I love. Especially when both of my windows face palms and one looks out to mount Coolum.

I still have lots of renovation work to complete in this room (ceiling needs replacing eventually, DIY chair project is in order, blinds need updating, lighting needs redoing, and the walls need painting) but for now its a fantastic space and one that I have never had the luxury of owning before!

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